Minor Football Match Reports

24 June 2011
Tuesday 31 May at St Teresa’s V St Teresa’s (League Game) (3-17, 2-03)
Due to exam commitments it was 3 weeks from our great result against Rossa not the best preparation for a game against the strongest team in the league, however we had continued to train on the Saturdays and with a thorough warm up we were prepared to give it our best shot.
We started well enough restricting St Teresa’s to long range efforts which in the main drifted wide meaning that despite earlier domination of possession St Teresa’s had not opened any gap in the scoring. On the quarter hour mark they had a 3 point lead and on the 20 minute mark they were 3 points behind as we scored 2.01.
Over the next 10 minutes we scorned through bad decision making at least 6 scores failing to capitalise on our purple patch. When St Teresa’s gained possession and scored a break away goal just on the short whistle it did more than give them the lead it also demoralised us.
The second half was played with inevitability about the outcome; St Teresa’s forwards were able to advance much closer to the scoring area and consequently tagged on score after score running out as easy winners. St Teresa’s deserved their win but the margin of their victory was down to us giving up as well as their good football. Another hard lesson for this developing side
Tuesday 7th June at PNU V St Paul’s (League Game)
St Paul’s failed to field no one from their Club turned up to inform us and we simply trained.
Tuesday 14th June at PNU V Davitt’s (South Antrim Cup) (1-08, 4-10)
The score line suggests a comfortable win for the Falls Road men, however the score line does not tell the whole story.
Before the game was 10 minutes old we had conceded two goals both of which were of the fortunate category and we were in trouble. However the boys kept playing and during a 15 minute spell scored 1 goal and 6 points to Davitt’s 1 point to take a 1 point lead.
We had played well but had also expended a huge amount of energy to get back in the game and when Davitt’s broke to score another major we were once again in trouble. 
The second half was even enough in the general play but Davitt’s were able to keep the gap in the score and indeed near the end widened it with their 4th major of the evening.
The players were very despondent but the management insisted that we had been as good as them and it was the poor start that was the difference in the teams, we weren’t sure that the players accepted our analysis.
Tuesday 21st June at PNU V Davitt’s (League Game) (2-08, 2-08)
Coming a week after our Cup defeat to the same opponents and with 4 players from that starting 15 unavailable there may have been cause for concern, however Gaelic football is a team sport and a team needs more than 15 players to compete, our minor team has more than 15 players.
The management team were confident that we still had the ability to mount a serious challenge to Daviit’s and so we did.
This was our last league game and it was a tremendous game of football, the game was level on the score sheet and it was a competitive fixture throughout, however we believe we had the winning of the game.
The referee was not a fussy man who preferred to let things go which contributed to the game he did however make 4 big calls through the course of the evening and we were on the wrong side of them all.
Davitt’s were awarded a penalty for an infringement well outside the square, we were denied a certain penalty with even the Davitt’s players telling the referee it was a penalty, Davitt’s scored a goal from a clear square ball and we were denied a goal for a non existent square ball infringement.
All this said and done the football was the winner and the never say die attitude of the players was evident throughout, in many ways this was a coming of age performance.
The team
Tiernan Monaghan, Piaras Donnelly, Ryan Reilly, Dan Graham, Dan Turley, Conor Pelan, Conor Compston, Ronan McCann, David Quigley, Matt Hill, Colin Mallon, Peter Delaney, Lee Taylor, Cormac Flannery and Luke Robinson.
Subs all used on half time
James Graham, Darren Campbell and Donal Rooney
Scorers Peter Delaney 1-02, Matt Hill 0-02 and Colin Mallon 1-04